“… what is the benefit of having an audit?”

JTP Assurance’s aim is to add credibility to your financial information so that your stakeholders can make more informed, and better decisions. Audit engagements are often seen as purely compliance engagements, at JTP Assurance we see audit as an opportunity for independent feedback on the operating effectiveness of your governance, controls, processes and risk management.


“… my business is unique”

Fundamental to our client service model is understanding our clients and working with boards, management and business owners to understand their needs and expectations from their audit providers. We work with you and your team to develop assurance solutions that meet the needs of you and your stakeholders.

Meet Sam Claringbold C.A. | Your Lead Audit Partner


“… how much will this cost my business?”

The benefit of being a boutique audit business is that we can individually tailor quality assurance services to our clients at an effective cost. We understand the costs of compliance to business can be high, and whilst we are able to provide cost effective services, we believe we are able to provide real insight and value to clients, rather than just compliance engagements.